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What does your order include?

A unique, custom handcrafted, framed and lighted conversation piece that is individually numbered and signed. A solid, handmade Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut wood frame. A variety of customization options including special blue light at your residence, office, slip, mooring, yacht club,etc.  A multi-page coffee table booklet detailing each lit navigation aid on your chart. A surge protector, power cord and all hanging hardware. Personal delivery (by Carl and Lynn-owners) anywhere in New England. Surprise birthday or special event deliveries are always fun.

Can a large chart be made smaller?

Yes, the chart can be downsized a few inches to fit your decorative display area. Note: Cropping is possible but not recommended.

May I customize a lighted, framed chart to my specifications?

Yes. You may have any NOAA chart downsized to your decorating needs. You may choose to have a special blue light located anywhere. You may choose from a selection of frame styles and types of wood. You may have the discreet On/Off switch located anywhere around the outside of the wood frame.

Can any nautical chart be made to light up with the correct Coast Guard colors and flash patterns for buoys and lighthouses?

Yes, Harbour Lights Decorative Lighted Nautical Charts will light and frame any NOAA Nautical chart or any nautical chart  in the world... just ask.

How many of the buoys and lighthouses are lit up?

All of the Coast Guard lighted navigational aids are lit if there are 56 or less. If a chart has more than 56 lit navigation aids represented, 56 are chosen to form an even balance of flash patterns and colors across the chart.

What makes the lights flash?

A custom designed microprocessor (enclosed within the framed chart) sends specific light patterns to designated LED’s via soldered wires. The DC powered microprocessor is run by transformed AC 110 (household) power. Battery power is not an option at this time.

Can the lights be turned off?

Yes. All charts have a discreet On/Off switch located on the lower outside portion of the right side of the frame. The power cord exits from the back of the chart. This allows for the  chart to be hung over a built in wall outlet to effectively hide the cord. The option to have the switch located anywhere else on the frame is available.

Do the LED’s burn out?

LED’s (light emitting diodes) are good for 85,000 plus hours per the manufacturer. They will be good for 10 years of continuous use and more. Many customers opt to keep their charts on 24/7.

What are my frame choices?

All frames are expertly handcrafted by a custom furniture artisan using handpicked, solid Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut wood with clear Minwax coating. Also, frames can be painted black or white (smooth or grained), stained using Cabot stains or handcrafted as gold antiqued.

How are the chart surfaces protected?

Harbour Lights uses a non-glare, non-distorting, UV protecting, unbreakable Museum Grade 1/8” acrylic sheet to cover and protect the surface.

How are the framed, lighted charts packaged and shipped?

All deliveries within New England are personally made by the Harbour Lights owners at the buyer’s convenience. For New England personal deliveries, the charts are carried in a custom designed quilted carrying case. For shipments outside of New England the charts are professionally packaged, insured and shipped via commercial carriers... FedEx, UPS, etc.

Do Harbour Lights handcrafted lit and framed nautical charts hold their value?

Definitely. In fact, being so unique and having individual Serial Numbers and being signed increases their tendency to move up in value over the years.

What is the price of a lit and framed NOAA nautical chart?

Price information is provided upon request. Phone requests are the easiest way to obtain all your information needs.

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