About the Charts



Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What do I get for my money?

Answer: A unique, custom handcrafted,framed and lighted “conversation piece” that is individually numbered and signed. A solid, handmade Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut wood frame. Your option to have a “special” blue light at your home, business, slip, mooring, etc. A multi-page “coffee table” booklet detailing each lit navigation aid on your chart. Surge protector, hanging hardware and power cord. Personal delivery anywhere in New England.

Question: Do the LED’s burn out?

Answer: LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are good for 85,000+ hours or almost 10 years of continuous use.

Question: Can any navigational chart be made to light up with the correct Coast Guard colors and time periods for buoys and lighthouses?

Answer: Yes. Harbour Lights Decorative Lighted Nautical Charts will light up any NOAA Nautical chart. Or, if you have any other charts in mind, just ask.

Question: May I customize a lighted, framed chart to my own specifications?

Answer: Yes. You may choose from a selection of frame styles and finishes. You may choose to have a special blue light located to designate a slip, mooring, residence, business, etc. You may opt to have the chart cropped in width and/or height to meet your decorating needs. You may have the discreet On/Off switch placed at any location on the frame, “top/bottom/sides”.

Question: How many of the buoys and lighthouses are lit up?

Answer: All of the Coast Guard lighted navigational aids are lit up if there are 56 or less. If a chart has more than 56 Coast Guard lit navigational aids, 56 are chosen to form an even balance of patterns and colors across the chart.

Question: What makes the lights flash?

Answer: An electronic microprocessor (enclosed behind the chart) sends specific light patterns to designated LEDs via soldered wires. The DC powered microprocessor is run on AC 110 (household) power. Battery power is not an option at this time.

Question: How are the chart surfaces protected?

Answer: Non-glare, non-distorting, UV protecting, unbreakable and safe, “Museum Grade” 1/8″ Acrylic sheet is used to cover and protect the chart surface.

Question: Can the lights be turned off?

Answer: Yes. All charts have a discreet on/off switch located on the lower outside portion of the right side frame. The power cord exits from the back of the chart. This allows the chart to be hung over a wall outlet to effectively hide the cord. The option to have the switch and/or power cord located anywhere else is available.

Question: What are the frames made of?

Answer: All frames are expertly handcrafted by a custom furniture artisan using solid cherry, mahogany or walnut woods. Various styles are available to choose from.

Question: How are the framed, lighted charts packaged and shipped?

Answer: Corners are protected with cushion corner caps. Poly bags and/or a cushioned carrying case are used in inclement weather. Deliveries are personally made by the owners of Harbour Lights Decorative Lighted Nautical Charts at a time and place convenient for the buyer. Charts may be commercially shipped anywhere beyond New England. Surprise delivery presentations are always well received. Every chart comes with a report folder which provides detailed information on all the flashing lights. A small, high quality surge protector and all necessary hanging hardware are also provided. Also, since each chart is unique, it is signed and numbered. Total satisfaction is guaranteed.

Question: What is the price of a delivered lighted chart?

Answer: Prices are furnished upon request. A small deposit places your order in the handcrafting schedule..a check for the balance at delivery is appreciated. Based on their uniqueness and high quality your framed and lighted chart will continue to increase in value.

Question: Can a large chart be made smaller?

Answer: Yes, the width and/or height can be cropped and framed to smaller dimensions.